Thursday, November 18, 2010

Places to visit.

I've been a fan of female draenei for a while, and with my previous rant about paladin threat values fresh in mind, the choice of a full percent permanent hit rating as opposed to a situational 3 expertise fast became the deciding matter. As the reputation junkie I am, human Diplomacy were an obvious pro, and with rated battlegrounds on the horizon, the extra trinket slot is definitely going to be more than just a small asset.

In comparison, the draenei heal is a HoT that over the course of 15 seconds ticks for less than non-critical Divine Light - whose casting time is approximately the same at the time for the first heal to tick from Gift. There's the obvious drawback of having to cast, of course, as opposed to applying an instant, but practically, the few chances where a Gift-heal would save your life, you're likely to have either Word of Glory or Lay on Hands available anyway. And even though I'm a jewelcrafter by trade, I never really saw the point of the racial increase to professions in the first place. I'm maxing them anyway - cheap points early in the skill-up progress is a more attractive prospect than expensive points later on.

So what to choose? I did twist my head a fair bit, I even went as far as writing up random tables and rolling dice to try and help me decide. It didn't really help.

In the end, I decided to go with draenei. Looking at the core attributes, they have a slightly higher base strength than humans, granted, at the cost of some agility, but still - for a paladin, strength is king. Furthermore, the static bonus to hit gives me one advantage over situational expertise - I can safely reforge excess hit into expertise without having to have fully balanced gearsets to compensate for varible stats following a weapon switch. And with the prospect of possibly tanking alongside another tankadin in Cataclysm, being able to change battlefield roles fast and dynamically means being able to do fast weapon/shield swaps midfight can prove an asset on certain fights, especially fights involving a strict enrage timer.

And then there's the horn. And the tail. And the fact that Vidyala over at Manaliciuous (she might not know this yet) absolutely HAVE to draw me as a draenei.

Ladies and gentlemen - meet the new and improved Payce.

I absolutely HAD to go back and whack this guy. Most people would vote the Fel Reaver as their most annoying ever ganking NPC, but this guy... oh, the trouble you've given me over the years. You scumbag. Eat fist.

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  1. Listen, Payce, apparently as of today WoW provides a test for discovering your destiny:

    But it sounds like you've already decided mine... I feel I'm at the mercy of fate. I had a laugh that you decided to kill Mor'Ladim, haha. Is this an "Alliance" thing? He's hostile to all factions, right?

    p.s. Payce is very pretty. <3