Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fare thee well, dear friend.

As the rumours turn into reports, and the reports more and more frequently agree, it's fast becoming clear that this next reset, the Shattering is very likely to take place. And with it, the world is forever and irrevocably changed. The absolutely insane amount of new content is, in all fairness, slightly overwhelming; the task alone to wrap your head around everything seems almost like a full time job when you start looking at all the new stuff we are so generously being presented.

But wait a minute. Who's that voice, silently crying at the back of my head, being relegated to but a distant memory?

It's you, isn't it, Zul'Gurub, old friend? We've been through a lot, you and I. From our first small steps where you taught me how to deal with Jeklik's Greater Heals as a relatively fresh and uninformed paladin. How we discovered together that tanking Gahz'ranka in the water is the clever way not to take a truckload of fall damage every so often. How Jin'do would yell "Grats!" from the other end of the zone if you let Mandokir ding enough for one reset. How Hakkar would never really drop me that sword. How the tiger mount dropped for my bank alt that ONE time she went there.

We go back a long way, you and I. Granted, like all relationships, we've had our quarrels - like that one time with the Soulflayers stealing my mana - but all in all, I look back at all our years together with warm affection. You and I, Zul'Gurub. We certainly had some good times.

But now you're going away forever. And in my heart, I will miss you. I will miss your beauty, your ability to entertain me for hours on end, your amazingly curious inhabitants, whose curious habits could and would amaze and annoy like little other.

Fare thee well, dear friend. Even though you're gone, your memory remains.

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