Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Payce goes... alliance?

or also known as the curious tale of WAHT IS THIS I DONT EVEN

There's been precious few updates the last few weeks, I know. Apart from a fanboi'sh ramble about how Deathwing should REALLY die, I can't remember actually saying a single constructive thing about my class for at least ten days. And with just reason (or so I like to tell myself) - my guild died. Again.

The problem was, of course, that I was an officer again, and being the lonely, last officer standing is pretty much the same as being a sniper in a bird's nest - your days are spent scouring for an out, and your rations are limited. You can't do this forever. And last Wednesday, during what was a supposed to be a Kingslayer run for the guildies that didn't already have the title, the glass toppled. The bubble burst. The dam flooded.

Three people didn't show, specifically the main tank and two healers. Another healer was online, but not really ready to raid. Our hunter suddenly found herself out of gametime. Our mage, having had surgery, was kinda excused. And our warlock, who really did want to do this last attemt at getting a few more Kingslayers, had taken the night off work to give the guild priority. As the clock ticked 19:00 game time, I had three people online. And I decided I'd had enough. I've spent thousands of gold and even real world money on the guild's logistics, and when we try to arrange an achievement run for people having expressed a wish to get these achievements, only to have to pug seven players - then you realize that not only are you out of rations, but there's actually this funky back door out of the nest as well.

So over the last week, I've scoured my own realm, countless other realms, their forums, their WoW-progress ratings, spent countless hours talking in chat across a ten-fold number of realms, reading guild websites, met what for this game must be considered an incredible amount of helpful people and positive responses. And what must be the fourteenth or fifteenth guild we'd talked to, we hit jackpot.

So over the next few days, Payce will bring a few of her mates to Vek'nilash [EU], and re-align herself with the Alliance. It's a bit of a kick in the groin to once again have Varian as my king, and I will dearly miss Sylvanas and Vol'jin. On the other hand, I've met some great new people and made some new friends. So I guess it's a fair trade-off, all in all.

Now to decide on the human v. draenei issue...

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  1. A lone orc? (blood elf)?! Against the might of the ALLIANCE?