Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Sindragosa.

So here's the deal. This fight is simple if you just focus, listen and watch your surroundings.

Tank stands in tank spot. Melee stands in melee spot. Boss stands in bitch spot. Ranged stands in ranged spot. Warlock portal for easy getty out of shitty is on ranged spot. Let's all hug and be friends on our deisgnated spot, yes yes.

When she does vacuum hoover evil, run behind line of not getting fucketh and remain unfucketh. As soon as fuckethness is over, run back to your spot. This is the spot I talked about in the previous paragraph, the ranged or melee spot.

When not running someplace, stand on your spot. Very still. Do nukez or healz or whatever it is you do from your spot. Not from next to your spot. From your spot.

Tanks have easy job, they can stay in their spot even when she does fuckethyness, for tanks have fun tricks called "cooldowns". Melee have these to, but will still get fucketh if they try something funny. So don't.

Sometimes Sindra has to pass gas and flies off. Then everyone and their dog should run to ranged spot. Even tanky tank and melee people should stand on ranged spot. Ranged spot is the place that has a warlock portal on it sometimes. And probably around 5 people standing inside a tauren as well.

When you stand here, you sometime get a skull or cross over your head. Then you run to the skull spot or the cross spot and stand really still there instead. But AH! Here comes the trick. Person with skull has to move to skull spot! And person with cross to cross spot! And not other way around! And when you stand here, you get a soda break. Win!

The rest of the people still standing on ranged spot, should around now probably start looking for spots of ritualistic ice cream on floor. Get a sodadrinking person with a skull or cross, from here on referred to as "blockpeople", between you and icecream. This is because Sindra has gas and her ice cream is pretty bad so you don't want it really, as you'll get ill and die.

It's a good idea for pro healz people to toss some hots on blockpeople just before the go from skull/cross-people to blockpeople. Not so pro healz can scratch arse instead.

Do this four times. The second time around, you should probably start autoattacking the blockpeople you're behind. Fun with wands and staves! Fourth time she tempts with icecream, blockpeople are getting fed up so make sure to kill block fast cause Sindra is going be running to blockpeople soon too, since party is there.

When bitch has done dance with blockpeople and ice cream three or so times, she gets pissy and starts doing shit on ground instead of in air. This time, she'll make blockpeople at random, so pro healz need to be fast on hot business when people gets skull.

But AHAHAHA! HAH! Tricky thing! Skull people have to change between skull spot and cross spot! Tricky piece of action! First skull-person has to run to skull spot... then SECOND skull-person need to go to cross spot! And third skull-person... to skull spot! And fourth person... to cross spot! ZOMG! ALTERNATING! And it goes on throughout the rest of the fight! ZOMGZOMG!

And you need to free blockpeople now as well too. But only at at pace that allows melee people to stand behind blockpeople and lose their stacks of nastiness that is bad for you and makes healz go "zomg noes". And there's still fuckethiness so no thinking you don't need to run. Haha! No. Run when fuckethy business looms.

Stand in your fucking spot. Don't die to shit. Pay attention.

(Can you tell we had a bad wipe night?)

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