Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Announcing my retirement.

On May 25th, my game time runs out. I'm not planning to renew my subscription.

Over the years in Azeroth, I've discovered and experienced vast amounts of joy, excitement, fun and achievement, chief among them still the Magtheridon kill which got me my Champion of the Naaru-title. I've experienced disappointment, let-down, bitterness and wrongdoing, the worst among them so bad that it had me ragequit not only a raid group, not only a guild, but an entire server. I've gotten to know a fair share of jerks, idiots, hatefulness and taken more blame and abuse than I suspect even rapists do in real life. I've also gotten to know a handful of brilliant, beautiful, amazing and wonderful people that I dearly love, friendships I will treasure for years and decades to come. It's been a rollercoaster-ride, and despite the occasional nausea, it's been awesome.

But in the end, it's just a ride. And as I'm writing this, we're heading down the last steep fall before the station.

There's still a ton of things I want to do in World of Warcraft. My exalted reputations are at 24/40, I've not killed Algalon or Arthas yet, my rusted proto-drake still lacks Vezax and Yoggy, I've not finished Loremaster on any of my characters, I've never done an Undying-run in Naxxramas. But over the last six months, I've tried alting, rerolling mains, changing my server, even changing my faction. And I realize that no matter how much fun I have in Azeroth, there's a whole other world out there I want to spend more time in. So after pondering since the announcement of Cataclysm what to play, and if to play it at all, I've decided that this is it.

To everyone I played with, regardless of whether you suck, rule, fail, win, abuse, praise, hate, love, ninja or happily win that coveted something after weeks and weeks of losing out: Thank you. You've all been a part of the experience. Hope you enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed you.

Payce out, mon.

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your words here. It's no small feat to know yourself well enough to know when it's time to let go. All the best. :)