Friday, October 2, 2009

You again?

With the release of patch 3.3.0 to PTR servers, three different recipes for what appear to be the same crafted item has been datamined; more specifically, a set of ilvl 251 plate legguards with armour, stamina, nature resistance, no sockets and no green stats. My first and most obvious thought was "not this again" (hello Ahn'Qiraj, hello early Sapphiron attempts). Then I notice that leatherworking and tailoring have no similar recipes (at least thus far), which leads me to speculate:

1) Placeholder. Fairly obvious thought. The fact that there are three different recipes of the same item which, at the time of posting have "Icecrown Thing of Crafting Things [PH]" as a reagent, makes me suspect that these legs will have green stats (and possibly sockets) to support both plate melee, plate tanking and plate casting options in the final version. Which still does not explain why there are no leather/mail melee/caster and cloth versions of the same items (apart from not being found yet, obviously).

2) Encounters with massive nature damage on the horizon. Which is an interesting detour off of Frost Resistance Avenue, but remains somewhat ridiculous when you have to gear up an entire raid for it. Personally, I won't have an issue with getting my legs, tossing on an armour kit, gem it for max DPS, and just keep in my bags. It'll annoy me, it'll most likely look fiendishly ugly (anyone remember the plate frost resist boots?), but more to the point, it'll destroy any raid who do not have 10/25 people dish out what appears to be the considerable amount of gold needed to prepare yourself. And trust me, these raids WILL appear. Demanding you to "link achi plz". In the trade channel. On patch day.

(Which is a good thing really, because hopefully this means that we have valid reason to bench the players we've always suspected of not caring too much about the state of their gear. Let's just prey it's an early boss, so it will actually be a proving point to have this equipment.)

3) And finally. Time to blow up the auction house again. Be a clever gamer and stock up both on cheap Titansteel from the AH, as well as using your cooldown daily. If every half-decent guild in the world are crafting these for all their paladins, death knights, warriors and death knight alts, this easily amount to 100+ Titansteel bars. Per guild. This is going to be an earner of proportions for the first few days after release.

As I was saying. Interesting times ahead, indeed.

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