Friday, December 17, 2010

Heroics are too hard.

I admit it - I read internet forums. I register and process QQ and whining about the state of the game on a daily basis. I occasionally QQ and whine myself, though I like to think my own negative output is on a more constructive level than "hurp derp nerf". I'll be the first to point out that the state of retribution is shameful at the moment, I'll also be the first to admit that yes, protection paladins are a bit squishy and could use more avoidance per point of rating, and I'll be the first to agree that the recent rebalancing of holy compeltely ruined a viable and dynamic way of playing the spec. In short, I'll gladly admit that paladins overall are in a somewhat uncomfortable state at the moment.

I will, however, be the first to admit that paladins needed to be nerfed, to the ground, after ICC, and that the current rebalancing of the class is something that will even out given time. Our new mechanics are so completely fresh out of the box that we're almost at the same stage as death knights at Lich King-launch, and it took three whole patches and a complete redesign of one of the specs before they got them right. I trust paladins will get there, eventually.

This post isn't about paladins, though - it's about the current state of heroic dungeons. We are 10 days into the expansion, and for the last, 5, 6 days, there have been a steady growth of complaints, criticism and pure, whiny QQ regarding the state of the current heroics. They are, apparently, too hard. I read reports from healers that tanks are taking too much damage, I read reports from DPS complaining that they aren't doing more DPS than they did in ICC, I read reports from tanks that CC makes it impossible for them to play their rotation properly. And all I can think is, "are we playing the same game?"

Yes, the new heroics are hard. With an honorable exception of good Sir Steelbender in Blackrock Cavern, they are even deliciosly hard. Nowhere near unmanagably hard, however - in fact, some are disappointingly easy compared to the expectations of percieved hardness. I mention Steelbender mainly because he's been the only REAL cockblock I've encountered so far - his mechanics are extremely unwieldy, and takes a lot of practice and precision, and a fair bit of luck, to properly nail as a tank. But the rest?

Throne of the Tides, one of my favourite instances, is a walk in the part. The Lost City of Tol'Vir likewise. Deadmines, where reports from beta suggested wiping for hours would be "the only way" was, apart from the complete randomness of a Super Mario mini-game, no harder than Halls of Lightning back in 3.0, and I'm still half waiting for the bosses in Shadowfang Keep to become hard. The boss that has in fact given me the most trouble so far is Altairus in the Vortex Pinnacle - and that was purely due to a fairly unbalanced set of DPS that could not learn how to position themselves for the life of them (fact - they kept dying), burning out the healer's mana and my cooldowns at a steady pace. When the idea of shifting winds and moving from breath weapons got through, however, it was a oneshot.

Long story short, most of these encounters are easy. If only one of the five people in the group know what to do and take lead, it should be clean and clear all the way. CC the right mobs, open the nuke on the correct mob, interrupt casts. Don't pull aggro, don't die to shit on the floor. Wait for adds to be picked up, then nuke them, and if you still manage to get one one you... don't run AWAY from your tank. Calm it out. Focus.

I will admit I've not gotten around to do heroic Grim Batol yet. From what I hear, it's MEAN. I can safely say, however, that compared to tanking heroic Magister's Terrace, Arcatraz and Shattered Halls, so far I'm stroking kittens in this expansion. These instances are not that hard. What they are, is awesome. I'm currently decked out in blues, and it's great.

And Monday, we raid.

*giggles maniacally*

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  1. I just did Grim Botol and after and hour and a half of wipes to the secound boss and people just quiting when they get something, I was the only oringle player left in the group. I lost pataince and quit. Its true that palidins are taking the beating, im a prot pally tank *double negetive* and now I dont have the sence of being overpowered lol. If this keeps up im just gonna get my rouge to 85 because tanking is just harder heroic... toon=Kasimure server=Yersa