Thursday, November 4, 2010

...Exodar doublet fellow?

So we all pretty much know the Red Shirt Guy now. Some people still think insulting and slagging him is the only way to handle affairs such as these, other (most others, to be fair) simply shrug their shoulders and note that "it happened" without further ado, a fair few use the internet to hail the awesomeness of the Wildhammer Fact Checker, and how he wtf-pwn'd Blizzard.

And then there are a select 24 people, who simply go above and beyond the call of duty;

My officers and I tracked him down and sent him the invitation shortly after BlizzCon. We felt that,out of everyone in the U.S., he would get the most enjoyment being a part of the most epic battle that has ever been made in MMO's. He genuinely appreciated the meaning and lore behind Invincible, not just a "cool mount" to ride around. A lot of people have tried to make him feel bad or feel like a nerd, so we thought he should get the gear to feel totally badass.

In addition to Invincible, he also got 3 heroic tokens, 5 normal tokens, Saurfang Bracers, Gunship Cloak, and Deathwhisperer dagger. He actually performed really well! He got targeted by defile a few times and managed to get it out each time. He also was targeted by the disease twice and handled it both times. He was a full participant in all fights and executed them all perfectly.

It was great having him along. He's a really cool guy, and I'm sure he'll remember this experience for a while.

These are the words of Blacksen, guild master of progression guild Imperative, posted in a flame thread on the MMO Champion forums. And all I can say (apart from "I SOOOOOOOO WANT THAT TOO!"), is; Thank you. Things like this gives me faith back in the World of Warcraft community. Proving that even a cutting edge hcLK25-farming guild has the humility and decency to see beyond themselves and create something of value to an entire community, and one happy camper in particular.

Well done.


  1. This is seriously awesome, Payce. I doubt I would have heard about it without you mentioning it. Thank you!

  2. You know what?
    My day just got better.
    FYI, it was already awesome.
    And this is a goddamn multiplicative buff.

  3. Epic. Great move guys. I can't say how much I appreciate knowing that not everyone on the Internet is a dick.