Thursday, March 11, 2010

Giving big sister a go.

I had a really cool story about Razorfen Kraul planned for today. Certain strange matters postponed that story, though - time instead to give big sister Payce some holy lovin'. I promise I'll tell the other story tomorrow. Anywho.

With the recent success of baby-Phayce in the lower dungeons, and the accidental drop of some haste-heavy elemental shaman gear that accidentally fell to me in Wednesday's Icecrown raid, I realized today that I now actually had a full healing set. Granted, the cloak has the word "Furious" in it, the sword may or may not contain some hit rating, and there might even be an ilvl200 item or two. But who cares, when I'm packing bodyparts?

The first (and certainly most painful) part of getting the healing kit in order, I realize, involves 2000 gold pieces, the auction house and the jewelcrafting "create all"-button. With the blacksmith sockets, I find myself in the happy position of having 10 yellow, 3 red and 1 blue (for the meta, you know) sockets to fill, plus various enchants of a more or less expensive nature (curse you tailors and your spellthread monopoly!), short of a full healing set. Pondering for a bit if it's worth it, I decide to jump into "fuck it"-mode and just sort it, for better or worse.

20 or so minutes later, with quick pitstops at the Wyrmrest Temple and in Dun Niffelem, I'm all set, and decide (after some internal debate, I'll have you know) to try my luck. Rather than signing up for a random, I decide Violet Hold is a safe and controlled place to practice, get the ropes into my fingers and generally grab a feel for what it's like.

As the loadscreen comes up and I hear my pulse accelerating, I notice that the tank has 50,000 hit point prior to Kings, and carries loot from actual raids, not just heroics. Lucky, lucky, lucky. I focus, toss up a beacon and a Sacred Shield, and off we go. Over the course of the instance, I'm never below 80% mana, no on is below 50% health (except for the hunter once, but hey - male belfs, ninjapull much?) and the only time I use any cooldowns is when I misclick them. I feel almost cheated, this was supposed to be hard and challenging and most of all, scary.

Or maybe I'm just really pro. So in what I in hindsight may refer to as a surge of overconfidence, I sign up for my daily random, and within half a minute, Utgarde Pinnacle pops up. Gripped suddenly by Gauntlet Fever, whose symptoms are a rapid pulse, heated forehead and repeated muttering of jibberish (sounding suspectingly like "it's not Halls of Reflection, it's not Halls of Reflections"), I buff up and we begin our journey. Again, I'm blessed with a solid tank, making my job easier, but alas, I'm also joined by a warlock, whose affectionate relationship with his Life Tap-button not only accounts for almost 80% of the healing done to the beaconed tank, but even manages to get him killed during a mispull. Of course, in the highly unlikely situation where you're at 70% mana and 30% health, the has just tank pulled one pat too many, and you're offtarget around the corner, the sensible thing to do is to Life Tap. And not just a little. Tap dat lyfe hard!

So yeah, he died. The rest of us, we prevailed fairly well. The gauntlet, apart from how none of the DPS seemed to know how the harpoons worked, went seamless (he'd learned, only lifetapped outside of ice on ground for the entire encounter!), and at the end, I've still not dipped below 80% mana. Scary, definitely, but challenging? Less so. Weird, however - definitely. Even with active judging, the total lack of hitting things is just... astonoshing. Moreso than on baby sister, since hitting things hard is more or less the only thing I'm used to on big, bad Payce.

It was definitely a worthwhile experience, though - now, maybe I should finally start doing some work on that long neglected priest of mine...

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