Monday, March 15, 2010

Gearscore is carescore part 2.

Or: It came from the PuG, part... 143? Something? Anyway.

Today, we had the best luck. We entered Utgarde Pinnacle for our random daily heroic, and immediately realized that we'd been blessed with a tank that wanted to do a "fast run". This would probably have been OK if he'd bothered to ask, but alas, he chose the approach of trying to dodge every pack imaginable, not talking in chat except for the words "fast" and "run", and more to the point, not really tanking anything. This person held less aggro than an 83 year old woman holds water after a night of gin drinks with little umbrellas in them. So how to deal with this?

We pull Judgement lookalike armor out of the bags, is what we do.

Marco, the gentle soul he is, stops doing anything except wanding. If he wants his fast run when we want our badges, he should probably ask a little more polite. But he does not, and when Ymiron dies, he is actually insulted when we're not thanking him for leading us through the fast run. Seeing a DPS in TBC blues clearly is not a good hint. Vengeful? Bitter? Vindicative? You decide.

As we relog alts to finish round 2, I stay on Payce to try out something interesting. How much DPS can I actually pull wearing this armour? My trinkets, rings, weapon and libram are all ilvl245+ (with the exception of my ilvl226 trash mob libram). The rest are ilvl112-115. I'm 1,44% below hit cap and cruising a solid 5 expertise. We queue... and we enter Forge of Souls. Just for fun, I ask the random what my gearscore is. He replies, 3399. Good to know.

Instead of trying to say anything, here's a screenshot. There's some Recount in it. Enjoy.

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