Friday, March 5, 2010

Blood elves are sickos.

OK, I'll admit it. I cheated. Not only did I wait for level 20 before I started using the dungeon tool, I even used a Recruit-A-Friend trial account to have my very own XP-troll make those levels go smooth and seamless, and even more important, fast. My main reasoning for waiting for level 20 was very simple; getting Flash of Light, and getting a decent major glyph. And so, as I load up on water and make sure I'm fully repaired, I queue for my first random.

Enter Wailing Caverns. First thing I notice is that I'm all alone and that I'm getting free XP. OK. Not the worst thing that could happen, admittedly, but still. I'm doing this to learn healing, not to get just another alt to 80. So I started running, and after five or so minutes, I caught up with the group. Which had absolutely no clue how this instance worked, or in general, how instances work. The hunter pulled one pack, the tank charges another, the priest healed himself and, well, when the three of them finished dying, I holytanked the lot while the rogue picked them off me one by one. The group kinda fell apart after this, but no worries - my 15 minutes were up. Back in the queue.

This time, I'm sent to Shadowfang Keep, and the first words in party chat (beating "hi" by about a second and a half) is "let's make this a quick run kk" from the hunter. Fair enough, the tank has a few heirlooms and seem competent - admittedly, his having 200 less hit points than myself slightly worries me, but let's see how it goes.

It goes very well. 20 minutes or so later, Arugal falls to the ground, and the nice tank has not only aced the instance, but even been kind enough to share the relevant quests. But as we kill Arugal and his random shadowy endboss attack takes out the hunter, it dawns on me that cheating is bad. Cheating is very, very bad.

Because he dies. And I haven't done my paladin quests, so I can't resurrect him.


This is why we don't run off to the Barrens with sexy, sleak troll temptresses, children. This is why we level our paladins at intended progression through the dreary Ghostlands, with the endless running between troll camps and undead hordes of God-knows-what-they're-actually-up-to. So I head home to Silvermoon, talk to the paladin man and start running around like a little girl. Ten minutes or so of running around turn into the climax of the quest chain, where you resurrect the guy you killed eight or so minutes ago. And as I do this, it dawns upon me that every paladin that ever did this quest, killed and resurrected this very same guy. Again and again. Hundreds of times, every day.

Blood elves, I tell you, are sick, sick bastards. And that guy is long overdue for a raise. Baby Phayce, on the other hand, comfortably hit level 22, and eagerly awaits her next journey. I dream of the Deadmines.

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