Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Filler post for the fans!

It's been quiet here lately. Mostly due to IRL activities, but also due to little of interest happening in the game at the moment. Apart from the Ensidia incident (you fucked that one up big time, Blizz, but it's last week's news now). The guild is currently on a spree of gearing up a myriad of alts, which means we're mostly raiding the same instances every day, over and over. Since I absolutely, positively cannot begin to even consider gearing up an alt at the moment (not that I'm short of options on the matter - my warrior, priest and death knight are all begging for T9-attention), I've started spending my ingame time succumbing to my vanities. Which means mounts, reputations and tabards.

At the moment, I'm 16/40 on the "Exalted"-title, with countless hours looming on the horizon if I am to finish it. I'm taking the time to farm the little Ravasaur tooth every day as well - it's a nice mount, and the amount of thorium that incidentially drop by my bags as I ride between flight paths and quest mobs are good gold. Oh, and I got my 2-piece T10-bonus today - it is absolutely awesome.

Not much more to say, really - I'll get back with a larger post on Icecrown progress over the next reset, which should hopefully be both optimistic and joyful. Here are a few screenies I've taken over the last couple of days that make me happy in terms of pure "enjoying the game"-factor.

Tanaris: Isn't he just adorable?

Nagrand: Found some dudes to hang out with!

Shadowmoon Valley: Look mom, no legs!

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