Thursday, February 18, 2010

Evil older siblings.

Of late, there have been two trends in the WoW blogosphere and raiding community that have, for some reason, become largely popular (one almost to the point of necessity). One is the ever-increasing number of players levelling exclusively through the dungeon system, never really leaving their home capital city before they do a swift jump to Dalaran. The other is the levelling of identical alts of the same class and spec as your mains, to beat the Icecrown Citadel attempts restriction.

As you may know, I'm terrible with alts. I'm a rock solid supporter of the strong, defined Main Character with Impressive Title and Difficult Achievements. I could always alt - dear heavens, there are certainly options for both gearing, levelling, grinding and farming - but I could solo Zul'Gurub-trash for rep on my main as well.

However, grinding reputations day in, day out can take it's toll on the sanity. Especially if you see the goblins as a cheap way of not only getting an additional four on your counter, but also as a way of catching up with a few TV series on the offscreen. With recruitment and progress taking a healthy portion of my main time as well, some time off guild politics duty is sometimes dearly needed.

So I found an idea - how about I merge the two trends into one? I've already stated that I would make a terrible, terrible healer, and I stand by that. But I want to progress. I want to LEARN. And what better way of learning than starting at the bottom and just work your way up to the end? As long as my dearly beloved Main Character actually have an offspec... it's a shame to waste it. So what I've found, is that I'll level another paladin, from the bottom, as holy. And true to form... my two paladins are of course identical twins.

Meet little sister. She's decked out in spellpower mail heirlooms, haven't touched a twohander since she discovered the mace trainer in Thunder Bluff before she ever killed or even aggroed a single mob, and likes long cool walks on the breezeful streets of Silvermoon (long, in this instance, referring to the distance between the bank, enchanting trainer, tailoring trainer, via the paladin trainer and back to the bank again). She's level 8, eagerly anticipating the arrival of level 15 and the LFG tool becoming available. Until then, she's plying her trade hitting stuff over the head with a big, glowing hammer and generally just cruising it in Eversong Woods. Eventually, there might just be a tale or two concerning baby sister in this blog.


Ulduar hardmodes last week went very well. I know I promised media, and several bosses and attempts were duly frapsed. Nothing will be released yet, though - we've decided to hold back on the Ulduar movies until we've actually finished the instance.

Yes, this does involve killing the last boss. No, the last boss isn't Yogg-Saron.

Stay tuned.


  1. You're definitely starting from a more solid grounding than I did, since you already actually play a paladin. I'm leveing a second baby druid, but I'm not sure if I'll stick to the LFD method. It can be really fun, and also painfully slow depending on the day. I'm sure you'll have an interesting time, regardless!

  2. It's definitely an advantage - playing ret, I often find myself in a supporting role and need to know my toolbox fairly well. The challenge, for me, is to learn that toolbox in an entirely new manner, where the support role is grown into a pure role. It'll definitely be a learning experience!