Monday, February 22, 2010

Achievement tick Sunday.

Yesterday, I obtained my Veridian Netherdrake after taking my Exalted-tally to 18/40. As I gleefully collected no less than eight eggs on the last day, I beat my own estimate with roughly two resets, something I'm quite happy about. The observant reader will note that I've gone from 16/40 to 18/40 without any updates on the matter - Thunder Bluff just... happened... during the Lunar Festival. 75 reputation with all horde cities per coin and a considerable amount of coins proved sufficient to became an Ambassador of the Horde.

As for Ulduar, we couldn't really wait and went back in again. After a nailbiting 2% left on head, 0% left on body and bottom wipe, we quickly realized this group would get Mimiron. So a few ridiculous phase 1 wipes later, we decide to just change the tactics to "do what you did the first try, stay calm and just win". Which we promptly went on to do. A phase 4 even more nailbiting than the first attempt as, with most ranged dead, I found myself on head duty everytime Exorcism, Judgement and Hammer came off cooldown - even if my "proper" assignment was in fact body. My dearly beloved GM cried, wept and whimpered like a little girl for most of the last 30 seconds or so, until it actually dawned on him that the box popping up on his - and everyone elses - screen said "FIREFIGHTER" in large letters.

After this, we all went on to cry, weep and whimper like little girls. Like happy little girls on christmas, getting their first Barbie.

Deciding that Yogg will pretty much be around next week as well, we kinda skipped straight to Algalon. Getting a solid 10+ attempts on him, we still need to knock into everyone's brains how the Big Bang- and Black Hole-mechanics work. I daresay of the ten raiders on the night, around seven now know the fight. We're giving it a few more weeks, but overall, he seems doable.

And then, we call to the stars.


  1. Congratulations on Firefighter! Even over-geared that's a tricky one to execute.

  2. Whoops, it apparently thought I was a blogger person for that previous comment. It lied.

  3. "How on earth did they do this Naxx" gear was generally a very common statement on voicechat all night. We don't really care to be labelled as any sort of hardcore, but it's nice to experience content - even if it is a few tiers above.

    After all, people in T6 struggled on Aran and Netherspite as well :)