Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mandatory Oculus rant.

I'm not one to call scrubs and QQ very often. I acknowledge that people playing this game do so for different reasons, whether it's PvP, exploration, alts, level 1 AH-trickery or endgame content. People have their own challenges, depending on the game they expect from their monthly fee.

A direct result of this diversity is, of course, skill and dedication. And when a player crosses the border between "his" game, and another aspect of the game, it often goes wrong. Some people don't appreciate the skill required to make this transition, and yet they go on and expect it to come along nicely as long as, well, someone else knows how to do it. The carrying of lesser players is more and more becoming the main reason people are yelling "scrub, scrub".

Who knows, maybe most of these players are just that, scrubs. Maybe they don't want a challenge, maybe they're afraid of the possibility that they meet more people like themselves. Maybe they even think they're really good, but never get "the right" group for whatever reason their mental acrobatics may conjure up. And as such, when the Oculus loadscreen pops up, they prepare to jump ship and take their 15 minute quarantine, and leave the rest of us waiting for a new [insert role], who'll most often jump straight back out as well.

Post-3.3 and the absolutely insane nerf to the whole instance, 15 minutes is approximately the time it takes to clear the Oculus provided that A) all of the group has at least one piece tier 9, B) all of the group's melee have a weapon from ToC5 heroic or higher, and C) you're not actively chasing a void achievement. It's what Stratholme would have been without all the elements of RP slowing it down. It's 6 Triumph badges for 15-20 minutes of work. I use the term loosely, but compared to zergfests such as, say, Utgarde Keep, Gundrak or said Stratholme, it requires you to, for just a slight moment there, read, think and adapt. Do this, and Oculus is the fastest six badges in the game.

But still, people fear the Oculus. I should know - I truly do hate the vehicle mechanics in WotLK myself, and shy away from them as much as possible. You won't ever see me in Isle of Conquest or the Eye of Eternity unless I absolutely positively HAVE to (five Frost badges and some gold springs to mind), I don't joust except those pesky times where I need to beat a valiant to champion some city or other. When I rolled my character, I pressed "Paladin". Not horse, nor dragon, nor huge lumbering tank.

But I never leave the Oculus. It's fast badges if the group sticks, and to be honest, it may be utterly lame and stupid, but it's really rather easy. The packs of small drakes at the beginning, sure they're a bitch to tank, but decent DPS twoshot them without taking much damage. The caster packs? They weren't that much of an issue when they were one more with added hit points, now, they're a bordeline joke. Mage-lord Urom has taken Loken's mantle as king of the "Death by Overgearing"-tactics and doing Eregos with any combination of drakes now is just down to reading the tooltips, and more or less spam them on cooldown (amber timestop being the notable exception).

Yet there are these "scrubs" (again, I use the term loosely) who wipe, get lost, pull 7 drakes above Cloudstrider and die, then call out for heals or asking to be ressed, before heading onto MMO-Champion's forums to post their incredible recollections about how dreadful the "Occulus" is (without actually realizing what an Occulus really is), calling out for NERF, NERF or they threaten to - gasp - leave the instance the moment loadscreen clears. And honest as they are, they more often than not hold true to their threats, bless their souls. While I'll agree to it being the lamest, most uninspired instance so far in this expansion (ToC5 not trailing far behind, mind you), it's also the fastest badges. Personally, I usually just eat some pride, play a bit of drake, and get it over with. Other people not choosing this path are of course free to do so, you're not affecting me much apart from making me wait those few minutes more to get going. I mean, in all seriousness, is the Oculus really THAT bad?

Apparently so. Good job, guys. No really. Nice one.

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