Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Blame Game.

I would assume that by now, everyone and their dog have encountered the Hall of Reflections "LoS strategy". It's a cheap and cheesy, yet highly effective way of neutralizing the challenge that is Falric and Marwyn's trash waves. Having until recently only done it as a warrior tank, I can safely say it feels like THAT pull in MgT again. It's hard work, it requires all my toolbox, perfectly executed, to the point of carpal tunnel. It's honestly quite fun, in theory.

With my warrior now retired to bank duty in Thunder Bluff and my rerolled retardin taking the reign as main, however, it occured while gearing up to me that "perfectly executed" isn't always everyone's agenda. Personally, I'm overjoyed at the opportunity to use my Repentance, my Holy Wrath and Turn Evil. Honestly, how awesome isn't it to CC not one, but TWO mobs while keeping the others stunned at will, all while you top the DPS chart and cleanse whatever that pesky Mercenary comes up with?

Except suddenly someone dies. And then The Blame Game begins. The warlock spitting out "fuking ebay tank", the tank telling the healer "why didnt u shackl", the healer yelling "use ur coldowns or i oom". Spelling is intentional and authentic, by the way (in case you were wondering). Since somewhere around September 2008, wiping in heroic 5-man instances seem to be close to a bannable offence on EU servers. Most players are prepared to zerg through content, and a lot of said players are just as prepared to get carried most of the way. And when you wipe - when the group doesn't have that one monster healer or absolutely massive tank - and you have to work your way around the instance, instead of zerging it, you realize you're not happy with this development. And still you expect gear, rewards and more importantly - you expect RAID SPOTS?

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional zerg. Having Angrybear pull half the hallway up to Bjarngrim in Halls of Lightning and nuking the boss with Seal of Command is amazing fun. Doing 11 minute Utgarde Keep runs is equally enjoyable. I even had a pleasant Oculus experience resulting in a Void achievement the other night. Zerging can be fun, if it's done by the right people.

This is the genius of Halls of Reflection. It isn't hard, by all means. It just requires you to think. To know your toolbox. Whether you LoS it, Hallway it or Altar it, it doesn't matter. It's all about using your tools wisely, at the right time, saving the hard hitters for the opportune moment - in short, it's all about being patient and clever. Warriors, spell reflect the mage and disarm the hunter. Paladins, see above regarding CC tools. Hunters, you can kite Thrym to the Argent Tournament, why not use that skill on the footman? Rogues, stunlock your undead counterpart and TotT it like mad while you burst it down. Death Knights, stand on top of your tank and grip-strangulate the priest mob. It's really not that hard if you just put your mind to it.

Besides, you'll soon enough get to zerg whatever good ol' LK throws at you while trying to get out in time anyway.

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